50+ years history

In the late 60’s when a small powder coated object found its way into Lorenzo (Lance) Mansutti’s hand, he was amazed at the quality and resilience this coating provided. Having been in the painting business with his brother Eduardo (Eddie), the two brothers decided to venture forward and in 1968 they started the first powder coating plant in Australia.

“It was,” wrote Lance, “a jump into the unknown” The first 12 months were very rough as we were the first powder coaters in Australia and the market had to be educated in the technology behind powder coating and its advantages. The breakthrough came with the contract to coat several hundred trolleys for Rothmans. After that the orders steadily grew.

Originally the powder was imported directly from Switzerland and it wasn’t until 1976 that the distribution rights were sold to Dulux.

The single building at the site has expanded to three buildings containing various pre-treatment facilities and three powder coating lines.

In 1990 after the passing away of Lance, his brother Eddie took on the responsibility of running business until he finally retired in 2007. Lance’s son Claude has now invested into the business ensuring that the Mansutti name continues to be synonymous with quality powder coating in Australia.