Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a great process to use on metal products that either have been previously painted, are exhibiting rust or both. We use garnet sand as we wish to ensure that the metal is not deformed in any way as a result of the blasting process.

The blasting cleans away the foreign material and/or rust and provides a coarse surface which is excellent for powder to bond to. If we apply a zinc rich powder primer prior to final colour then this will provide excellent rust resistance.

Some of the typical uses for powdercoated steel:

Car Wheels

Bicycle frames


Support Frames



If the item has been previously powder coated then it is very difficult to remove even with abrasive blasting. Shows how much better the bonding strength of powder is over traditional painting. So if you have a powder coated item that needs blasting then more drastic measures may need to be applied.

One good thing about powder coating is that you can apply powder directly back onto a previously coated item and still obtain a decent resulting finish, but never as good as applied to raw material.

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